TG Rejuvenate

  • Melquatro Italian Ryegrass
  • Tetra Brand Annual Ryegrass
  • Red Clover S.C.
  • Balo Brand Phacelia
  • Plantain
  • Chicory
  • Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Hercules Brand Turnips
  • Forage Collards
  • Inka Brand Marrowstem Kale
  • Viva/Malwira Hybrid Forage Brassica

A great grazing crop for all species of livestock that will provide multiple grazings and contain several overwintering species for spring grazing in year two. It will help bring old pastures back to life while increasing grazing production, this blend is meant for grazing and is not recommended before cash crops.

  • Seeding Date: Spring (after early frost risks have passed)
  • Suggested Seeding Rate: 6–8 lbs/ac
  • Add: 30lbs of Oats

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