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Ens Quality Seed

High quality genetics grown with integrity

The Ens family has been producing seed in Southern Manitoba since 1942 when Gerhard G.H. Ens and his family grew their first certified crop of Kabott Soybeans in the sandy loam soil of Reinland, MB.

Seed Processing

We don’t just grow your seed, we also clean it in our own cleaning facilities to standards higher than industry grades. Our state-of-the-art cleaning facility can clean most any crop type to the high quality you expect. Our machines can separate seeds by size, shape, weight and even colour! We are invested in every facet of a seeds production from the time it’s planted in our field until its growing in your field.




About Us

Just like the high quality seed we produce, we are well rooted in our community, supporting many facets of community life in our region. We are family owned, operating with excellent people from our community and we do our best to give back.

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